August 5, 2021

Social media is an interactive, conversational way to promote your business. It gives your company a personal edge—beyond just a corporate entity. One thing potential candidates love to discover on social media is what it’s like to work for you, and you can do this by promoting your culture in your posts. But how do you get started and what’s the best way to use social media for marketing?

How to promote your company through social media

First, it helps to choose the social media platform where your target audience hangs out. What is the age range of potential candidates? This can help you understand if you should focus more on Facebook and Twitter (which have been around longer and appeal more to an older crowd) or Instagram and Tik-Tok, where you may capture the attention of a younger crowd. And of course, new social sites come out all the time, so it helps to keep your eyes open for what might be new with the people you’re trying to connect with.

Next, follow these tips for sharing your culture with potential candidates:

  • Create a content calendar. The key with social media is to consistently post new content. If you don’t, your channel will get stale and people won’t want to follow. You can keep up with the demand for content creation when you build a calendar and start to work ahead. This will allow you to thoughtfully plan your messages and take the time to design graphics, collect photos or create videos.
  • Take advantage of video. Videos are one of the best ways to engage with followers and really show what you’re all about. Get creative with your video posts. Keep them fun, informative and interesting to watch. They can speak volumes about what it’s like to work at your company. If you’re worried about the production quality, you might choose to outsource their creation to a creative video production company.
  • Ask followers to interact. This helps build engagement on your page, which can help you tap into social media algorithms and increase your followership. Plus, it makes your page more fun, which can give followers a hint of what it’s like to work for your company. Ask followers to comment, share pictures and join the conversation.
  • Provide value. One of the best ways to have a popular social media page is by providing content that’s both entertaining AND valuable. So for example, you might share industry tips viewers can apply to their own careers. What information can you give that will help site visitors trust your company as a source of valuable and interesting insight?
  • Be helpful. Of course, when you ask for interaction, you’re inviting the opportunity for negative commentary, too. So when you use social media, you should also have a plan for how to handle inquiries, comments and concerns of a negative nature. The best plan is to address the commenter ASAP within the public post and tell them you want to help, then ask them to private message their contact information so someone can reach out.

Need to staff up?

As you build your social media following and share your company culture, you may find you need to grow with more employees. And if you’re in search of a recruiter to help with the job, contact Inter-Connect. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the candidates who fit.

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