September 21, 2017

Finding and placing top talent is a time-consuming process—one that can be difficult to get right. Consider that you must post job openings, manage job posts, interview and screen potential candidates, and onboard new hires. And all this in the hope that you’ve made a wise hiring choice because the cost of employee turnover is high.

The good news? Staffing agencies make this entire process much easier.

Four advantages of a staffing partner

Enter your dedicated recruiter. They are the expert to whom you’ll entrust a vital role with your business—finding qualified workers to keep your company “wheels” turning. Recruiters are well-versed in the staffing process and have a lot riding on successful placements. After all, if you’re not pleased, they haven’t done their job. So if you’re skeptical about working with a staffing agency, consider these four advantages:

1. Access a deeper database of candidates.

You may rely on candidates contacting your company in response to a job post. But what about those who aren’t actively looking for new employment? This includes top talent in your field who are very likely gainfully employed and not in search of something new. Recruiters build a candidate base and stay in touch. They’re aware of both active and passive candidates, which helps you make the best employment matches.

2. Manage your brand.

On some level, recruiters are savvy salespeople. When they find the right candidate, it’s their job to sell your company and get this person on board. In the role of an outside third party, candidates are more likely to speak candidly with recruiters about a job opportunity. If the candidate has any negative impressions of your brand, a recruiter gains the unique opportunity to dispel these at the very beginning.

3. Improve communication with candidates.

Recruiters stay in contact and build relationships with candidates, developing a level of trust. Plus, as an outside third party, they’re in a better position to negotiate salary. Through contact with new hires, recruiters often learn immediately of any concerns, possibly even issues that normally fly under your radar. This can help you stay aware and quickly address any questions, to maintain worker satisfaction.

4. Save valuable time.

Of course, hiring someone to handle the hiring process is a huge time saver. From job posting to onboarding and everything in between, staffing agencies may handle some or all of the process on your behalf. They’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and build a strategy that fits with temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire placements. This opens up your days to take care of managing your company.

In the market for a staffing partner?

Inter-Connect is your number one choice in the Tri-State area. We work with employers to find and place the employees you need for short- and long-term success.  If you’re currently in search of staff for office/clerical, industrial, technical and professional/managerial work contact one of our experienced recruiters today to learn more!

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