January 8, 2021

With the new year approaching and 2020 drawing to a close, you may find yourself thinking, “What’s next?” This has been a challenging year in many ways and seeing it end can be invigorating. What will 2021 hold? What changes are just around the corner? The new year is a perfect chance for change, growth, and the promise of new things to come.  

Career growth in 2021 

If 2020 wasn’t your favorite year career-wise, it’s time for some good old New Year’s resolutions. The first step in getting more from your career is making a plan 

Four ways to jumpstart your career in the new year 

Not sure where to start? Just follow these ideas for success: 

1. Meet with your boss regularly.

Not sure what your boss expects? You need those guidelines to do your best. Not understanding them can be frustrating. All it really takes is asking for regular meetings to catch up and review your performance. This way, you have a constant tally of how well you’re doing and what you need to do to meet (or exceed) expectations. You can keep track of your progress all year long, and know exactly what’s coming in your year-end review!  

2. Make connections.

You’ve surely heard of networking, but do you know of all its benefits? The more people you know, the more chance you have to hear about job openings. And if you need career advice or even mentoring, you’ll have more people to ask. So get active on LinkedIn, or join groups related to your profession on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Conferences are tricky this year, but you may be able to attend events virtually and interact with others in this way. A wider social web means more opportunities for you.  

3. Learn something new.

With the internet, your options are endless. What skill would help you in your job? A Google search can yield plenty of options including classes, courses, books, articles, certifications, virtual events… the list is endless. Talk to your boss to ask about options and see if your company covers tuition reimbursement or continuing education coverage. Be sure to let your boss know about your plans and what you learn!  

4. Don’t give up mid-year.

The steam you have to work towards your resolutions may start to fade as the spring approaches. But don’t let up! Keep track of your progress and keep working! If you achieve a goal, start a new one! If you feel overwhelmed by your goals, break them into smaller steps. You can do it!  

Work with your recruiter 

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity in 2021, let your recruiter know. he or she can give you more information about the options available to you.  

In search of a recruiter? 

Maybe one of your resolutions is to find a recruiter in the new year. And if so, check out Inter-Connect. To learn more about what we offer and our job openings, check out our job page

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