January 15, 2021

Warehouse workers are in hot demand lately! With the shift to more online shopping, warehouses are bustling with increased demand for products. Despite this increase in work, warehouse employees must continue to pay careful attention to safety rules. 

As an employer, it helps to know what accidents are common in warehouses, and what you can do to help prevent them and keep workers safe: 

  • Slipping and tripping.

    One of the most common accidents is fall-related to slipping or tripping within a warehouse. Though an increase in demand may threaten more clutter in your warehouse, it’s critical to keep areas clean and organized. This includes keeping aisles clear, unloading and storing new merchandise, using anti-slip tape and mats, and alerting employees to any uneven flooring. The winter especially can result in snow and ice tracked in on people’s shoes, which can lead to slips. Be sure to clean up any liquid spills as soon as possible.  

  • Falling objects.

    Improperly stored merchandise can result in objects falling onto employees. You’ll need adequate storage space in your warehouse and proper stacking and storing techniques, especially for heavier objects. Odd shaped or cylindrical objects should also be stored properly to avoid falling off shelves and storage units.  

  • Body strains.

    The most common strains are related to the back and feet. Workers in warehouses are on their feet constantly. Proper footwear and lifting techniques are essential to help workers stay in good health. Be sure workers understand how much they can comfortably lift and be sure they don’t exceed this limit. Make sure to train all employees on proper lifting techniques and how to use equipment that helps with lifting and carrying. 

  • Forklift injuries.

     A forklift is a heavy machinery that requires proper training to use safely. Be sure any employees who operate a forklift as part of their job have been trained on how to use it safely. Refresher training can also be helpful. If you need help to onboard and train new workers, consult your recruiter.  

In search of new warehouse staff? 

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