January 22, 2021

You’re not in love with your job, but you’re not sure it’s time to break up. Does this sound like you?  

It’s a big decision to start looking for something new, especially right now with the job market kind of rocky. If you have work, you may have decided that a paycheck is better than no paycheck at all. But if your job is taking a toll on your mental and physical health—how far should you go to hold onto it? 

Before you decide to dive headfirst into your job search, take a second to think about some red flags that your job situation may not be the best.  

You’re stuck 

What is your upward mobility like at your job? If you’re deep into your career and shortly approaching retirement, this may not be a huge deal. But if you’re early- or mid-career, you don’t want to stagnate and keep doing the same thing, year after year. Not you! Instead, it’s nice to have the option to move up and around and earn the pay associated with those moves. If you’ve found yourself removed from projects or conversations you were once a part of, or with a lack of important and valuable tasks and assignments, it could be your skills are being undervalued. You can’t get ahead without opportunities, and if none are coming your way, it might be time to move on.  

You’re worried 

What is the state of your company? If it’s on the rocks financially, looking for something new might be in your best interest. Have you noticed a worrisome number of layoffs recently? Has the company been acquired and you feel layoffs could be coming soon? These may be the reason for worry—and reason to start seeking new employment.  

Your health is suffering 

Stress and anxiety have odd ways of rising to the surface. If your work is stressing you out, that’s not a healthy way to live. Eight hours a day is a long time to be on edge. And what if you bring your stress home with you? If you’ve been feeling depressed about going back to work, having nightmares about work, or general difficulty managing your stress—something needs to change. Your health is too important to ignore.  

What’s your next step? 

Sometimes it helps to work with a recruiter when you’re ready to find new work. And Inter-Connect can help. Visit our job page to view our job openings, or contact us to speak with a recruiter and learn more.  

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