June 19, 2020

As you prepare for your upcoming interview, you’re gathering together your answers for common interview questions. And one you should add to the list is: “What challenges are you looking for in a new position?” Your answer will help an interviewer understand your motivation, your desire to grow and how hard you’re willing to work.  

How to answer this question: four key factors 

You want to shine during your interview, and this question will help you do just that! When preparing your answer, be ready to discuss the following: 

Past jobs that have challenged you. 

An opportunity to tell a story is a perfect way to make you more memorable to an interviewer. Your answer to this question is your chance. Describe past jobs and on-the-job situations where you met challenges head-on and how you overcame them.  

How you use your skills. 

What makes you different from other candidates and perfectly qualified for this job? Describe how your skills and knowledge have helped you overcome challenges in past jobs, and how you hope they’ll allow you to rise to the occasion in this current job.  

Your drive to do well.

Every employer wants to hear about all the great things you could do for their company. And when you frame past work challenges with your motivation to be your best, learn new things and get even better at what you do—it will be a winning discussion at your interview.  

This specific job.

Taking everything you’ve described about past experiences, apply it to the job for which you’re interviewing. Based on what they’re looking for, how does your past work experience help make you the best candidate for the job? What types of challenging work are you looking forward to, and how will you tackle these challenges? 

Examples of good answers 

The following answers are strong examples of how to respond to this question: 

“At my last writing job, I also wanted to build my leadership skills. I provided mentorship to other writers on the team to share with them my knowledge of copywriting. I also offered review and editing to people both within and outside of my department. I am hoping to use these skills to help strengthen the quality of writing on your team.” 

“I enjoy working on multiple projects at once, and have handled up to ten at a time, delivering on all deadlines and producing high-quality work. I’m glad to be applying to a fast-paced environment such as yours, and I hope my multitasking skills will help you complete the projects you have planned.” 

How’s your job search going? 

As you prepare your answers to interview questions, you may wish to tack on several more job opportunities. And Inter-Connect can help. To learn more about the jobs we offer and connect with a recruiter, visit us online today!  

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