September 18, 2020

When it comes to your interview, preparation is your friend. You can never overprepare, and the time you put in will help relax your nerves so you can be as cool and calm as possible come interview day. Being prepared can also help you think clearly and be yourself—which can only help you.  

How to answer this possible interview question 

Right about now, you’re probably Googling common interview questions and thinking about how you should answer them. Well, add this one to your list: What makes you angry?  

What an interview is looking for 

The person asking you this question wants to know how you behave in the workplace when faced with challenging situations. They want to know that you keep a level head and recognize your anger, and then take steps to constructively change the situation so it goes a little more smoothly.  

Don’t badmouth your supervisors or your boss

An interviewer may be suspicious if you note an anger-inducing situation that involved a member of management. They might view you as a troublemaker. Instead, choose a situation related to technology, a tight deadline, a difficult coworker or something similar.  

If your answer includes the unethical behavior of a supervisor or manager, you’ll want to describe how you followed company policies to handle the situation and turn it around.  

Describe the situation and how you handled it 

Give a brief overview of what happened. Then, explain how you overcame this particular challenge and got your work done. Be sure your answer demonstrates your problem-solving skills, your ability to handle conflict, or both. Always describe your answer in as positive a light as possible and show how you embraced a difficult situation to change your process effectively.  

Practice makes perfect 

Rehearse your response to this and other interview questions to get ready for your big day. Ask a friend or family member to act as the interviewer and listen to your responses. OR practice by yourself in front of a mirror. The effort you put in to get ready is valuable in landing this job or the next. Your time is never wasted. 

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