September 11, 2020

Quality output? High team morale? Great company reputation? Minimized conflicts? All of these things are what your company should be experiencing every time you hire new employees. Sure, there may be a bit of downtime while new workers are getting up to speed, but everything should be back to normal (or even better) by the time the new person is up and running. Of course, this is only true when you hire the right people.  

Bad hires have the opposite effect. They’re a drain on your other employees, your patience, and your budget. They can even detract from your reputation if they stick around long enough. It goes without saying that you want to do everything possible to make the very best choices when you’re looking to hire new people. And this starts with the interview. 

Four red flags a candidate is a bad hire 

If you notice any of the following during an interview, the person is probably not the best choice and you should keep looking: 

They’re not prepared.

They show up late or look sloppy. You can tell they haven’t researched the position or the company. They don’t have any questions for you. If a candidate doesn’t have the time to ace their interview, it’s safe to say they won’t put in the time to do a good job if you hire them. 

They badmouth their previous employer.

Even if a candidate left a previous position due to negative circumstances, they’re still a working professional and they should conduct themselves as such. If they play the “blame game when describing why they left a former employer, they’re not mature enough to view it as a learning experience. In the end—not the best choice.   

They have questionable social media profiles. 

Pictures from keg parties. Really negative posts. Picking fights with people who comment. Have some of us made poor choices on social media? Could be. But if a candidate hasn’t taken the time to clean their pages up, or worse—doesn’t care—it may be best to pass them by come hiring time. Next!   

They’re stagnating.

A person who continues to invest in themselves will do the same for your company. But if they seem to be stuck and uninterested in moving forward, it’s safe to say that innovation and bright new ideas won’t be generated by this individual.  

Check with your recruiter 

If you’re having a hard time finding a quality hiring choice, a staffing agency can help. And if you’re in search of light industrial, professional/managerial, technical or office/clerical workers, contact Inter-Connect. To learn more, reach out today.  

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