September 4, 2020

To do well at your job, you may feel like your day should be work, work work… and work some more. But scientific evidence argues this isn’t the case. In fact, our brains simply were not built to work tirelessly for eight hours on end. The simple truth is that our minds need time to rest and refocus. Taking breaks throughout your day actually helps you stay more productive.  

When to take a break 

The most productive people take a break roughly every hour. Their recipe for success is this: dive in and concentrate on your work for that hour, with a tenacious focus. Then, when the hour is up, step away from your desk and take a break for a few minutes before you return and get right back at it.  

How to take a break 

What kind of break should you take? One that takes you completely away from work. Take a quick walk, visit a coworker, stop by the break room, or get outside. Do something to help clear your head. Do something fun! Whatever you do, don’t let it distract you from getting back to work for your next hour of intense focus. And always remember to take your one-hour lunch break—choose a lunch that includes lean protein, which will help you stay full and satisfied through your afternoon.  

How to organize your day 

When you’re focused, it can be easy to forget to step away for a second, only to look up from your work and notice you’re feeling totally zapped of energy. So set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to get up and move for a bit every hour.  

What if you don’t have time for breaks? 

The human mind needs breaks to work at its optimum level of performance. If you feel you simply don’t have time for breaks, then it’s possible you’re being asked to do too much. It may be time to start looking for a new job.  

How to find something new 

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