November 29, 2017

You had your interview and thought it went well. Now it’s time for a follow-up! You want to show you’re determined and passionate about your career path—and you want to be hired so you can work hard for this company. But you know the hiring manager is probably busy reviewing other resumes and you don’t want to be too pushy, or even come across as overbearing. So what should you do?

Follow these pro tips after your interview

Your follow-up behavior can directly impact getting (or not getting) the job, so you want to be sure your timing is right. You’re right to assume a hiring manager is busy. That’s why you should be careful not just about when—but also how—you follow up. Just follow these steps:

  1. Send a thank-you email or note immediately after your interview. When showing your gratitude, there’s no time like the present. As soon as you get home after your interview, get your email or note written and sent. This way, you’ll have everything fresh in your mind, especially what you spoke about and any follow-up comments you’d like to add. If you forgot to get the email or mailing address of the person (or people) who interviewed you, simply contact the human resources department.
  2. Give it a week, but respect their hiring timeline. At the end of your interview, the hiring manager may have mentioned when they’ll be making their hiring decision (or maybe you asked). Depending on the date given, allow a buffer of two or three days. If you weren’t given a timeline, allow five business days before following up. Remember, the hiring manager is busy conducting interviews and reviewing resumes, and one of life’s truths is everything takes longer than we expect. This is especially true in the business world—when urgent assignments or other aspects of a job role may jump up and push the timeline for hiring decisions back. When you follow up, don’t call—this will cut into the hiring manager’s time and may be viewed as rude or unnecessary. Instead, send an email. This shows you’re interested, but you respect the hiring manager’s schedule.
  3. No response? Give it another week. Usually, if you’re being strongly considered for a job, you’ll hear back from the hiring manager with some sort of timeline. If after your one-week follow-up you still haven’t heard back, give it another week and send a second follow-up email.

Know when to put it behind you

If after your second follow-up you still haven’t heard back, it’s safe to say you are no longer in the running for this position. And that’s OK—don’t let it get you down! Shake it off, keep your chin up and keep looking. The right job for you is out there.

Are you working with a recruiter?

In your search for a new job, your recruiter is a valuable resource. They will work with you to understand your career aspirations and find a new job that fits. And if you’re looking for a job in the Tri-State area, contact Inter-Connect! The staffing professionals at Inter-Connect place qualified candidates with office/clerical, industrial, technical and professional/managerial experience! To learn more, contact Inter-Connect today.

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