December 30, 2014

Using a temp agency can be helpful for a variety of reasons, and many companies at one time or another often bring on temporary employees for specific needs. Temps can generate new ideas for a company, provide extra help in times of work overload, and can also be utilized in special projects that require a specific skill set. Sometimes, temps can become full-time employees if the work is satisfactory and necessary for the long term.

Best Reasons for Hiring Temporary Workers

Bringing on a temporary employee is simple when working with a temp agency, and many employers find temps to be especially helpful during certain peak seasons. Here are some of the top reasons why companies should hire temporary workers:

Special Projects Need Special Skills.

Whenever a company takes on a new client, there is no telling whether or not that client requires an outcome that can only be realized with the aid of a special skill set. If the office currently does not have an employee with that skill set and it’s needed in a hurry, the company can ask a temp agency to find a qualified temp worker in quick manner.

Help Needed Last Minute.

In some companies, business will ebb and flow with the seasons. If business becomes overloaded with projects that the company simply can’t fulfill due to the lack of appropriate staff, they can simply bring on the qualified talent in a temporary position.

Helps Individuals Learn Valuable Skills.

Temporary workers, like interns, may need to acquire special skills in order to propel them forward in their future career. A temp employee can learn these skills while providing extra help around the office. In this case, it is best to hire a temporary worker whenever business is steady.

Substitutes for Regular Employees.

If a regular employee calls in sick, is on leave, or has taken vacation, a temporary worker can be hired quickly to undertake the work needed for the position. These workers are typically added to the company on a contract basis, fulfilling the company’s need only until the regular employee is ready to come back to work.

Temporary Employees Aid Innovation.

Bringing in a new employee draws upon the fact that this employee may have new innovative ideas that are currently outside of the current company’s level of thinking. Staying stuck in one way of thinking can only bring the same results. A temporary employee just may help current employees generate new ideas that will propel the company forward.

Reduces Overall Business Costs.

The costs of hiring a full-time employee can be high, and the time spent is just as significant. A temporary employee can be added to the company fairly easily and inexpensively, reducing hassle and headache on part of the business owners. If a company doesn’t have the resources to give everyone extra benefits, adding temp workers can also help out.


If a business owner is the non-confrontational type, a temp worker can be very helpful in easing any work-related disputes or transitions. Usually, a temp agency will handle all employment activity on part of the temp worker, leaving the employer to focus on his or her company.


Finding top-notch talent takes time and effort, and traditional interviews are not what they used to be. Inter-Connect Employment Services is one of the leading companies helping employers learn more about building a successful and experienced team. To learn more about this, and many other similar subjects, contact us today.

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