December 23, 2014

The post-interview thank you email is just one of the marketing tools a candidate can use to get the attention of hiring managers. While most people know this, very few put into practice the art of demonstrating gratitude to employers. A thank you email should be short and to the point, clearly identifying how happy the candidate is for the opportunity. It should not be sales-y or lengthy in any respect; this is a clear warning signal for hiring managers.

Tips for Writing a Great Post-Interview Email

Knowing what to do—and what not to do—following an interview is essential for creating visibility among hiring managers. HR can easily forget an interviewee in the hiring process, and a thank you note will certainly remind them of a candidate’s presence. Here are some tips for writing a great thank you email:

Keep it Short and Simple.

HR and/or business owners are busy people, and most welcome a short email as opposed to a lengthy one. Keep a thank you email within three to four sentences, if possible, making sure that certain ideas aren’t being repeated. Get to the point of thanking them and move on, because many do not appreciate having to take the time to decipher a lengthy, obscure letter.

Be Courteous at All Times.

Even if the interview didn’t go as smoothly as you would’ve liked, always present a kind, professional tone in your thank you email. This could possibly shift the tide and reposition you in a more favorable light.

Follow Up on an Interview Question.

Sometimes an interview question will catch a candidate off guard, and many times these questions can have the interviewee drawing a blank. A thank you email after the interview can be a great way to answer the question after some careful thought. Remember to keep in mind that even this answer should be kept short and simple, maintaining the idea within two to three concise sentences.

Include a P.S.

Including a short P.S. at the end of the thank you email can be an excellent way to enhance a thank you letter. Perhaps this could be the area where a candidate answers the unanswered interview question, or maybe this could be the area of the letter where the candidate references a well-known publication related to the position or career field. While not essential, a P.S. can enhance the body of the letter without adding too much bulk.

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