January 17, 2018

If you’re a skilled laborer, your profession may be in high demand. This means you’ll have more job openings to choose from and higher pay for your knowledge and skills. So if you’re recently graduated from trade school and about to hit the job market, or if you’re currently working but thinking about pursuing a new position—it’s important to know what labor employers are looking for this year.

Top five skilled labor jobs

The following five jobs are some of the highest in demand in the current job market for 2018:


Positions for industrial iron and steel workers are expected according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to increase 13 percent from 2016–2026—faster than the national average. This means approximately 11,400 new jobs in this time frame. The median income for an ironworker is over $50,000 per year, depending on what region of the country in which you’re employed.


The world needs light—and a position as an electrician is in demand this year with fewer students attending trade schools and a shortage of skilled laborers nationwide. As an electrician, the BLS predicts you’ll have the advantage of 60,000 new jobs opening up, with a median annual salary of more than $52,000 per year.

Heavy object operators.

Also known as construction equipment operators, this position is predicted by the BLS to grown by 12 percent—faster than the national average for career growth. And as a heavy object operator, you’ll gain access to more than $52,000 job openings from 2016–2026, with a median income of $45,000 annually.


As homes, office buildings and renovations are underway in developing parts of the country, so too are carpentry jobs. You can qualify for this position with a high school diploma and apprenticeship—then help create beautiful dwellings at a median income of $43,000 per year according to the BLS.


Masonry workers are also in popular demand as new builds are erected—and jobs are predicted to grow at 12 percent according to the BLS. You’ll have access to an increased number of positions, and earn a median annual salary of $41,000 annually.

Looking for a skilled labor position in the new year?

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