January 24, 2018

Looking for skilled trade candidates on social media? Your first thought may be LinkedIn—which is a good option. But have you ever considered the advantages of Facebook for quality staffing options?

Advantages of Facebook

This ever-popular social media site boasts more than two billion users, which means your sourcing pool is much larger than on LinkedIn. Plus, many Facebook users frequently visit the site, with update notifications received through devices such as smartphones and tablets. In comparison, LinkedIn users may be actively searching for a job and regularly visiting the site—or may have just set up a profile because they felt they should.

Three ways to source talent on Facebook

To help you catch the attention of possible skilled trade candidates, you can try these strategies:

  1. Create a Facebook job post. It’s important to make your post compelling but targeted. It helps to write a catchy but specific job ad that includes title, location and company. You’ll need to include a link to the job listing to make it easy for candidates to apply. You can learn more about creating Facebook job posts by visiting this Facebook page. Adding an attractive image will also help catch candidates’ attention. You should pick an image that applies directly to the post and the interests of your targeted audience.
  2. Make your Facebook business page all about recruiting. Businesses use Facebook in different ways. Some post information that helps viewers understand who they are and what they do. Others give their company a personal edge through interesting posts, humor and a platform for customer service. But a useful method is setting up your Facebook business page specifically to recruit new workers. For example, the name of your page can be XYZ Company Jobs, with all posts about open positions.
  3. Join a Facebook job group. By searching on Facebook, you can find groups that relate to your industry, such as Skilled Trade Jobs. By clicking Join, your page will be more visible to candidates who frequently visit these groups looking for new employment.

Work with a staffing agency

Another source of top talent is a staffing partner! Your best choice is an agency that specializes in your market—also known as a niche or boutique agency. And Inter-Connect can help. We work with employers in the Tri-State area to find and place light industrial skilled labor workers. To learn more, contact us today.

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