December 26, 2018

Are you ready for 2019? What’s to come in the New Year? If you’re planning to find a new job, or just looking to brush up on your job skills, you have a fresh, brand-new year ahead of you: full of possibilities to learn something new!

As you begin to plan your goals for the upcoming year, why not check out our top career blog posts from 2018? You can pick up lots of interview and resume tips, and plenty of information to get you started:

Insights on How to Answer What Your Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses Are. If you’re getting ready for an upcoming interview, you’re probably preparing your answers to common interview questions. And one of the most common (and most feared) questions is a request to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. To brush up and gain confidence, take a look at these tips on how to best answer.

Explaining Job Hopping on Your Resume. If you have a less-than-stellar work history, it’s OK. Sometimes you need to move on quickly from a job and you can learn from your experience regardless of the length of your tenure. The hard part is explaining “hopping” to an employer so they don’t immediately sense red flags. You can work with what you’ve got and put an employer’s mind at ease by following these tips.

Need more?

Your learning and career development goals are an important part of your job strategy. What do you need to know to get ahead? How can you prepare for a promotion? What’s the best way to relocate for work? What are strategies for managing stress? And what about on-the-job safety? You can get answers to these questions and more by visiting the Inter-Connect industry blog!

Looking for a new job?

When you plan your New Year’s resolutions, a popular one is finding a new job in the upcoming year. And if this is your goal, let Inter-Connect help! We work with qualified candidates to find light industrial and office jobs. To learn more, visit our job page or contact us today!

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