December 11, 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s good to reflect on the highlights of 2018 as you prepare for 2019. As an employer, did you reach your business goals? Q4 is usually the time when companies are putting the finishing touches on their goals for Q1 of the upcoming year. Year-end is a perfect time to compare what you accomplished as you “moved the needle” in your goals, celebrate your successes, and make plans for the New Year.

As you think about what’s to come for 2019, you can brush up on industry happenings through Inter-Connects blogs—full of valuable insight, information and news you can use!

In case you missed them, following are our top articles from this past year for hiring and management:

What Skills Do You Look for When Promoting Employees? Are you an employer looking to fill supervisory or managerial roles, or an employee looking to get ahead? Check out this post to learn more about the key promotable qualities companies look for when deciding to promote a hard worker.

Three Effective Tips to Manage Employee Conflict. Into every workplace, the occasional conflict will fall. It’s inevitable—you want to hire a diverse workforce to increase the body of knowledge, and innovation. But with differing viewpoints comes the potential for disagreements. In the end, your workers may need to agree to disagree, but this post will give you tips on how to handle tense situations when they occur.

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