July 27, 2017

LinkedIn is the place where employers, candidates, and recruiters unite! It’s literally your online resume and the place where you can showcase who you are and what you’re all about professionally.

Four reasons to keep an up-to-date LinkedIn profile

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile ranks high in Google searches? It’s at the top of the list! So if a recruiter or potential employer is looking for you, your profile is what they’ll see first. This is just one of the reasons to keep your LinkedIn as current as possible. Consider the following advantages, as well:

1. Establish your “brand.”

You can place yourself ahead of the pack and show your unique qualifications with your LinkedIn profile. Your objective statement is the first portion of your page that people notice, so be sure to keep it straight to the point—what do you want other professionals to know about your work experience and skills? Review your statement often to be sure it accurately reflects what you’re up to.

2. Networking.

With LinkedIn, you can meet and keep in touch with professionals in your industry, as well as catch the eye of recruiters and potential employers. This means you constantly have the potential to be contacted for a new job—and you never know when your dream opportunity will come calling.

3. Show your accomplishments.

Career coaches will tell you to review and update your resume on a regular basis, and your LinkedIn profile is no exception. Whenever your job role changes, you take on a new responsibility at work or you learn something new, simply log in to LinkedIn and make updates. A strong list of work experience and accomplishments shows you know your stuff and you’re good at what you do!

4. Prove you are open to growth opportunities.

How have you evolved in your career? Listing your work experience, promotions, job titles, professional qualifications, continuing education, and affiliations show how open you are to new opportunities to improve. This is valuable information to a hiring manager.

Don’t forget about your profile picture

Though it helps to get a professional headshot taken, LinkedIn now makes it easier than ever to populate your profile with your smiling face. You can even manipulate a cell phone shot using LinkedIn’s photo filters. You change every year, and your profile picture should reflect who you are right now!

Looking for a new job?

Take a look at Inter-Connect! We work with candidates in the Tri-State area for office and light industrial job opportunities. When your LinkedIn profile is updated and ready to go, reach out to our experienced recruiters. We’ll work with you to find a new job you love.

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