October 25, 2019

Happy employees stick around, pure and simple. And since we spend so many of our waking hours at work, the concept of doing a job just to pay the bills is becoming more and more antiquated. People want to enjoy what they do! It’s not a crazy concept. Why not find joy in coming to work, having fun with those you work with, and feeling fulfilled by what you produce? If you can offer this to your workers, you’ll have greater insurance they’ll be loyal to your company.  

Five ways to make yours a great place to work.

You just may notice more smiles and a more pleasant atmosphere when you try the following: 

Ask your workers what they want. The first step in creating a company culture your employee’s support is asking them what needs improvement. It could be as simple as a fresh paint job around the premises or as complex as more transparency from managementbut you never know what to enhance until you ask those closest to the work. Consider conducting an anonymous employee survey, asking your workers during team meetings or 1:1s, or leaving a comment box in the lobby, or on your company intranet.  

Give them some control. Employees are juggling many other responsibilities outside the office, and this can be extremely stressful. The opportunity to exert some control over their work-life provides the support they need to add work/life balance. Flexible scheduling, the ability to work from home, and dress down days can all add to a happy work-life for your employees.  

Prioritize wellness. It feels good to know their employer cares, and good health is no exception. A robust benefits plan that includes access to fitness, mental health services and plenty of paid time off—in addition to basics like medical, dental and vision coverage—is another key for happy employees.  

Be clear in your expectations. Good communication is critical to a positive work experience. Your employees need to know what you expect, so they can meet or exceed these parameters. Unclear goals and objectives can be confusing and ultimately frustrating to your staff. Set clear expectations when assigning all tasks and describing all roles and responsibilities.  

Have fun. All work and no play… does not a happy employee make! Opportunities for break time is one way to infuse fun into the workday when break areas include activities to help employees kick back and relax. Team outings that help your workers get to know each other can also help make work more enjoyable, such as dinners, happy hours, bowling, amusement parks, etc.  

Improve recruitment of talent, loyalty and career longevity.

When you build a supportive and engaging workplace, employees want to work for you. This makes it easier to bring top talent on board and avoid employee turnover—both keys to a successful business.  

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