October 18, 2019

During your interview, you want to be memorable (in a good way). How you make the interviewer and other people at the company feel when you interact with them is key to setting a positive tone for your interview. You want to show the interviewer you have the skills to do the job, plus you fit the company culture. Helping him or her imagine how nice it would be to work with you is key.  

Seven ways to make a good impression at your interview

The following tips will help you crush your next interview: 

Dress the part. Dress to fit the culture you’re entering. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with a clean, pressed outfit, fresh haircut, trimmed beard, clean shoes, etcYou want to enter the interview as if you could walk right into the role at that company and start that day.  

Be on time. When it comes to an interview, on time means arriving early. Plan for travel time by mapping out the route beforehandArriving 30-40 minutes early is a good goal for the day of your interview.  

Start making an impression at the door. You want to walk the walk, because you never know who you’ll be encountering at the business where you’ll interview. Most people turn on the charm when they get into the interview room, but it’s never a bad idea to make a good impression as soon as you park your car. Introduce yourself and talk to people, such as the receptionist or those you meet in the lobby.  

Believe in your handshake. Make it intentional. You want to show you’re committed to being hired, and that you want to bond with the person who’s interviewing you. Touch is one of our strongest senses—keep your handshake firm and positive.  

Make eye contact. You’re proud of yourself and you’re proud to be interviewing; therefore, you’re prepared and ready to go. Make eye contact when you first meet your interviewer and keep consistent eye contact during the interview. While you’re speaking is the most important time to hold eye contact, because it shows you’re engaged in what you’re saying. While the interviewer is speaking, it’s OK to break your gaze every 20 seconds or so, to give yourself a second to think.  

Smile. A genuine smile helps someone feel warm towards you. Smiling and being positive throughout your interview helps your interviewer consider what it might be like to work with you, which is a great way to stick in their mind after the interview.   

Mimic the posture of your interviewer. Connecting with your interviewer is key. If they seem a little more laid back and relaxed, it’s OK to act this way, as well. If they’re on the edge of their seat and highly engaged, simply do the same. If it’s difficult to read how to carry yourself, just be engaged in the interview.  

Need guidance?

Your recruiter is a great resource for interview tips. If you have any questions, he or she can provide valuable feedback. Contact Inter-Connect. We’ll help you find a job you love.  

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