March 18, 2021

Warehouses are a major player in today’s economy! With consumers relying more and more on e-commerce and online purchasing, warehouses have plenty of work on their hands. Processes and workflows need to be efficient in order to help warehouse workers remain productive. There are many ways to improve warehouse efficiency.

How to make your warehouse more efficient

Fulfilling requests, storing products safely and logically, and helping workers stay healthy are all major concerns when it comes to running your warehouse. So, what steps can you take to help all processes run smoothly and efficiently? Check out any of the following:

1. Hire the right people. Experience? Check. Motivation? Check. Great work ethic? Check! What skills and qualifications do workers need to thrive within your warehouse? When you hire the right people, you make productivity much easier to manage. Your job descriptions should include specific information about the role and the qualifications you require. You can also work with a recruiter to help you find just the right people for the job.

2. Make training a priority. Good onboarding and regular training help your workers keep their skills sharp. You also have the opportunity to introduce any new policies or procedures. During COVID-19, rules have changed frequently. Regular training is a must to help your workers stay safe, healthy and productive.

3. Keep your processes and workflows safe. Social distancing, personal protective equipment, proper handling and storage techniques, ergonomics, the right footwear and clothing… there are many ways to help your workers stay safe. Build safety into your training and remind employees if you notice anyone doing something that could be unsafe.

4. Include productivity in your culture. If yours is a culture that involves frequent coffee breaks to catch up on office gossip… you can imagine productivity would be lower than you’d like. But when you build a culture that champions productivity (through recognition, incentives, gratitude and more), you’ll see your efforts grow by leaps and bounds.

5. Listen to feedback. Those closest to the work have ideas for ways to improve your processes. Listen to your employees when they make suggestions and implement the ones that work!

6. Stay in touch with your suppliers. Your supply chain impacts how efficiently you can fulfill orders. Maintain good relationships with your suppliers, so you can help them help you.

7. Make sure labels are accurate. This cuts down on orphaned packages cluttering up your loading and receiving docks, work spaces and storage areas. Determine what labeling system you will use and make sure all items are properly labeled.

Work with your recruiter

Your staffing partner is your number one way to find the right workers. Especially if it specializes in warehouse staffing. A boutique staffing firm understands what qualifications warehouse workers need to make them top talent choices—and your warehouse workforce will benefit for this expertise.

Check out Inter-Connect

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