March 19, 2021

Want a productive and successful company? It’s time to find ways to motivate employees.

The hardest workers are motivated to do their best, and that motivation can come in many forms. Basically, if your staff have a good reason to work hard, they will. If not… they probably won’t, or worse—you could find yourself in need of replacements really soon.

Five ways to motivate your workers

Need some suggestions for how to inspire your employees to give their best? Follow these tips:

1. Be clear about your expectations. Most people aren’t comfortable working towards questionable goals. For example, how do they know if they’re doing a good job? How do they know when a task is done? How do they know what quality you expect? It’s important to provide all this information on a regular basis about every project you assign.

2. Say nice things. If someone has done a good job, tell them! If they’ve accomplished a major goal, finished a big project, impressed a client or more, say thank you and share it with others. Post praise to the company intranet or newsletter. It also helps to simply say thanks.

3. Offer incentives and rewards. Many companies provide some sort of financial reward system for hardworking employees. It usually involves a point system that translates to merchandise, gift cards or paycheck deposits. Employees can be awarded points for hard work, and the total keeps building as they keep accomplishing more and more.

4. Build inspiration into your culture. Idea sharing, creativity and inclusion are ways for your employees to feel more comfortable giving their input. Be aware of the communication style of introverts as well as extroverts and create a culture where everyone feels motivated to contribute. Having a voice in the success of the company is very motivating.

5. Offer flexible scheduling. It’s difficult sometimes for employees to stay productive if they’re distracted by appointments or personal commitments. When you offer flexible scheduling, it allows time for work-life balance. It’s also important to provide plenty of paid time off and require your workers to use it. Rest and relaxation allows them to return to work refreshed, and avoid burnout.

Need help? Check with your recruiter

If you need to replenish your workers or build your culture, check with your recruiter. And if you’re in search of highly qualified candidates in the Tri-State area, check out Inter-Connect. To learn more, reach out to one of our experienced recruiters today.

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