March 26, 2021

Getting ready for your upcoming interview? You always want to be prepared! And that includes knowing what to wear to an industrial interview.

The more you practice and plan, the easier it will be to present yourself as calm and confident. Everyone gets the interview jitters—it’s totally normal. But, you can take steps to help yourself be ready to do your very best. And one of the easiest ways is by knowing what to wear to a light industrial interview.

Ask your recruiter

Suit or no suit? Dress pants and a dress shirt? Khakis and a polo shirt? If you’re unsure how dressy to get, simply ask your recruiter. Sometimes the dress code is slightly more casual for industrial and warehouse jobs, so you might not need a suit.

Let’s say you’re not working with a recruiter, or you’re not able to contact anyone to find out more about interview attire. That’s OK! No one will fault you for looking your best. So when in doubt, plan to dress up. This could mean a suit; dress pants, dress shirt and tie for men; dress pants or a skirt and a dress shirt for women; or even a dress for women.

Pay attention to details

In order to look your best, it important to remember the little things—like which accessories you choose. In general, less is best when it comes to jewelry. Plan to cover tattoos with clothing, especially if they’re controversial. And always make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition.

Good grooming is a must

Get a fresh haircut and don’t over-style. Remember—it’s best to keep your look simple and professional. Keep make-up and fragrance to a minimum, too. All you need to do is look clean, ironed and pulled-together.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have your outfit ready, practice common interview questions and answers, and bring a copy of your resume with you to your interview. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early—you can always do a quick refresher of your interview answers as you wait. Bring along a pad and pen so you can take notes during the interview and jot down any questions you might have.

You’re ready!

Now you have the information you need to do your best. If you still have any questions prior to the Big Day, you can always check with your recruiter!

In search of light industrial jobs?

If this interview doesn’t go as planned, that’s OK. The right job for you is out there. And Inter-Connect can help. To learn more, visit our job search page today.

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