April 9, 2021

Congratulations on your interview! Now it’s time to get ready to shine. If you’re wondering how to impress at a job interview, it’s really quite simple. You’ll just need to take a few easy steps while you get prepared, and you’ll be ready to go on interview day.

How to impress at a job interview

Just follow these top five tips to do your very best:

Research the company and the role.

Learn as much as you can! It’s always impressive to go into the job interview with a good idea of what the company is all about, and what the job entails. You won’t be starting from scratch during the conversation, and you’ll be able to arm yourself with plenty of questions. Check out the company’s website (About Us page and press releases), social media pages and local industry journals. Read the job description thoroughly and jot down any clarification you may need.

Be ready to dazzle as soon as arrive.

That’s to say, as soon as you pull into the parking lot. Be kind to the parking attendant and receptionist, and smile (with your eyes, since you’ll be wearing a mask) at anyone with whom you cross paths. You won’t be able to shake hands, but you can always wave your greeting to your interviewer. If you’ll be interviewing virtually, be ready with a positive attitude and plenty of upbeat energy.

Dress for success.

In most situations, it’s appropriate to wear a suit, dress shirt and dress pants, or dress shirt and skirt. Make sure your shoes are clean and in good shape, and keep fragrance and jewelry to a minimum. If you’re truly unsure how to dress, check with the Human Resources department ahead of time. If you’ll be interviewing by phone, wear a full outfit (rather than a dress shirt and jeans, assuming no one will see your lower half). Your recruiter is also a valuable resource for tips such as an interview dress code.

Make a connection.

Most interviews begin with a little small talk to ease into the conversation. Attempt to make a connection with the person who’s interviewing you. Choose common topics, such as the weather, sports, movies or TV. Or, for help choosing common topics, find out who will be interviewing you and visit their social media pages. You may be able to find clues to their interests, helping you figure out good topics or anything you have in common.

Say thank you.

At the end of the interview, thank the person for their time and consideration. Within 24 hours of your interview, email a follow-up note or drop a written note into the mail. Reiterate your interest in the position, answer any questions brought up during the interview if you feel you should clarify, and say thank you again.

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