April 16, 2021

Why is machine maintenance important? When you regularly maintain machines and equipment, you help ensure they work at 100 percent efficiency. This helps you maintain a standard level of production and keep employees safe. Machines that don’t work at their peak capacity can place employees in danger.

Long-term benefits of regular maintenance

Beyond functioning and safety, regular machine and equipment maintenance offers the following advantages:

Extend the lifespan of the machine. This helps you to preserve your investment and get as much use as possible out of item.

Minimize operating cost. Properly functioning machines use less energy to operate, helping you to minimize the operating cost associated with old, poorly functioning machines.

Catch small issues before costly repairs are needed. Regular servicing helps you notice anything that’s starting to go wrong with your equipment. By catching issues early, you can fix the item before much more costly repairs (or replacement) is needed.

Maximize your warranties. Most warranty coverage requires that machine maintenance is up to date. That way, if something goes wrong, you can protect your investment under its warranty.

Increase resale value. If you no longer need Aa particular item, maybe someone else will! If your machines are in top working order, it increases the amount you can charge for them.

Avoid unscheduled downtime. Breakdowns can lead to unscheduled downtime, missed deadlines, costly repairs and disappointed customers. This is why it’s critical to keep machines on a regular service schedule, so everything stays in top working order.

Create a maintenance schedule and stick to it

Technology such as smart sensors, cloud computing and other resources are helpful to identify potential issues. Also, you should create a maintenance schedule based on manufacturers’ recommendations, regulations and industry standards to determine the need for inspections, cleaning, lubricating, and small adjustments.

Get processes in place

Processes and procedures for how to perform maintenance tasks should be built into the maintenance schedule. Some may be completed by trained employees, with other tasks handled by certified service professionals—it all depends on the type of machine or equipment. Assign tasks and make staff accountable for regular maintenance, as applicable. Explain the importance of these steps for the lifespan of the equipment and the safety of the workplace.

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