February 5, 2021

Looking to move around in your career? Maybe you’re bored with what you’ve been doing, and you’d like to try something new.  

If you like a job that keeps you moving during your shift, a light industrial job could be just right for you.  

What is light industrial work? 

First, it helps to understand what “light industrial” means. In general, light industrial workers produce or distribute smaller portions of larger industrial projects. They’re more likely to work with their hands than rely on machines and often use partially assembled items to produce something larger. Common light industrial jobs include: 

  • Warehouse  
  • Food production 
  • Automotive assembly 
  • Garment manufacturing 
  • Quality control 

What skills do light industrial jobs require? 

Your next question may be, “Do I have what it takes?” Think about what skills would make you a good worker who is hands-on and has a direct role in creating a finished product.  

Skills that you’ll need to do well at a light industrial job include: 

  • Attention to detail—steps need to be followed in a particular order, and parts need to be placed just right. If you have a quality control job, attention to detail is an absolute must! You may need to handle small pieces as part of your role, so you’ll need great hand-eye coordination. 
  • Flexibility to work varying shifts—warehouses, production floors and factories may offer shifts other than 9-5. Your flexibility in scheduling will help you succeed. You should also be flexible in learning new things, and open to tack on new tasks and responsibilities.  
  • Good work ethics. Showing up on time for your shifts helps your company get the job done well and on time. Plus, there may be another worker waiting for you to arrive before they can punch out. Being dependable and a hard worker is important for any job, and light industrial work is no different!  

Interested in light industrial work? 

If you find yourself nodding your head, then how do you go about finding a light industrial job? That can be easy when you know where to look. And working with a recruiter who specializes in this type of work if a great first step!  

Inter-Connect can help!  

We’ll work with you to understand your qualifications and career goals, and help you find a light industrial job that fits. To learn more, contact us today!  

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