June 28, 2017

It’s never easy to hear that you weren’t the chosen candidate.

While you might expect the reason you weren’t chosen for the job to be nothing more than the company finding a candidate with more experience, there are any number of other reasons they might have passed you over. Take a look at some of the most common reasons below. By following these tips, you can improve your chances of getting the job next time.

Arriving Late to the Interview

Regardless of the reason, being late makes a less-than-stellar first impression. Moreover, the hiring manager will be wondering if you’ll arrive late if you are selected for the position. Improve your odds of landing the job by allowing for extra travel time. When it comes to an interview, always arrive on time.

Generic Resume

Customizing your resume for every position can seem daunting. You might be tempted to send the same resume to every opening you see. But, resist that temptation. Sending a generic resume reduces your chances of being the successful candidate. Put your application at the top of the list by sending a fully customized resume.

Talking Negatively About a Previous or Current Employer

Even if you aren’t happy in your current position, resist the urge to speak unfavorably about a former or current employer. Complaining about the job, the company or your supervisor will make you look petty. It can result in a hiring manager questioning your judgment and loyalty should they become your new boss.

Poor Social Media Presence

Who you are on social media can play a role in whether you get the job or not. Employers often use social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, to get a better understanding of who a candidate really is. Check your privacy controls and do a quick scan of things you’ve posted to your timeline before submitting your application. Delete anything you wouldn’t want to show a potential boss in a face-to-face meeting.

These four areas are just a few of the reasons someone might have been passed over for a job. The good thing is they can all be boiled down to one general rule: be prepared.

You’ll get the edge over the competition by:

  • doing research on a company before you apply for a job;
  • sending a customized resume;
  • cleaning up your social media profiles; and
  • arriving on time.

Looking for a new job is never easy, but thankfully, you don’t need to go it alone. Reach out to the specialized recruiters at Inter-Connect Employment Services today. They’ll review your resume and help you prepare for your next interview. Get in touch today!

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