July 27, 2022

Morale is defined by Forbes magazine as “the attitude, satisfaction and overall outlook of employees during their association with an organization or a business.”

Employees with high levels of morale are happier – and companies with happy employees are known to earn more and outperform their competition.

Satisfied employees:

  • Are more productive: They handle challenges better and contribute more to their organizations. Research has shown that happy employees are about 12 percent more productive. Creating an environment that promotes happiness in all your team members can also boost your bottom line.
  • Show greater innovation: There are strong correlations between happiness and creativity. Being happy can free up the brain, allowing for enhanced mental flexibility and imagination.
  • Provide better customer service: People like happy people. When morale is high, customer interactions reflect it.
  • Are team players: Due to higher levels of job satisfaction and general well-being, satisfied people are more inclined to work together and collaborate as a well-functioning, cohesive unit. Employees with healthy morale have a better outlook on their work. They feel more secure in their role and invested in their company, which motivates them to work even harder. They have a shared vision and as such, they know that teamwork is the best way to ensure long-term success.
  • Tend to stick around: Employees are far more likely to remain loyal to a company when they have a good, healthy work environment, leading to positive energy. Employee satisfaction and retention rates are key performance indicators for business success. It’s well worth your while to prioritize morale and keep hold of valued members of your team.

How to Optimize Morale

Your business depends on your employees to thrive. Positive morale gives your company a competitive edge because, when it matters most, loyal, happy employees will put their heads together and achieve great things.

  • Communication counts. Go right to the source – your employees – regularly to identify and address issues and get questions answered. Hold regular individual and team meetings to give and receive feedback. Whether you’re conversing in person or virtually, be an active listener.
  • Recognition matters. Acknowledge employee achievements and show appreciation – especially, but not only during challenging times. Make recognition an integral part of your culture and business MO. People want to know how they’re doing, and those who don’t may not have the confidence to succeed.
  • People need a purpose. Continuously show employees why they are in their position and how they contribute to the bigger business picture. Let them know that their values matter and make a difference every day.

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