April 13, 2022

In the current job market, it’s becoming more and more common for employees to leave their jobs in search of something new. During the pandemic, many workers found themselves unemployed, working remotely or working short-handed—and for some, this provided a unique opportunity to think about their future. This is perhaps why turnover has been so common recently, to the point that many industries are short-staffed.

As an employer, you can take steps to hold on to the workers you have—especially in industries where new candidates might be hard to find. It all has to do with employee appreciation.

Ways to recognize your workers

When you show employees you care, it adds to their motivation and productivity, as well as their job satisfaction. And this can translate to career longevity. It goes beyond just saying “thank you” for a job well done, though many forms of employee appreciation are just as simple.

Try any of the following ways to show employees you care:

  • Spread happiness. Host a company happy hour or dinner to celebrate the hard work of your employees. This also gives your workers the opportunity to spend time together outside of the office setting, which can be great for team building.
  • Provide treats. Bringing in coffee and pastries, or ordering lunch may seem like a small gesture. But think about the welcome surprise it can be for employees to be greeted with the smell of fresh coffee, or take a break from their duties to enjoy a meal with their coworkers.
  • Give rewards. Prizes and rewards for a job well done can go a long way toward improving employee engagement. It feels to be recognized and have a tangible reward at the completion of a project or assignment. Rewards can be branded company merchandise, a gift card, catalog items, or even paid time off.
  • Talk them up. During team meetings, take time to recognize the hard work of employees. Mention them by name and give a brief explanation of the work they’re doing or what they’ve recently accomplished.
  • Honor them on social media. Does your company have a social media page or channel? You can also recognize the hard work of employees publicly on your social media site. You might mention them by name, or include a photo (but always be sure to get their permission before you do so, as some people prefer to remain private on social sites).
  • Offer special awards. Maybe your company or department has created a top honor that is regularly awarded to hard workers. It might be weekly, monthly, or annually as it’s earned. This could include MVP, an employee of the month, or something else unique to your company.
  • Provide adequate benefits. This is a top way to take good care of your workers: give them ample paid time off, paid holidays, work/life balance, and health care benefits. Knowing you’re helping them take care of themselves and their families, shows you care about their well-being.

Ready to get started?

Take the time to implement steps that show your employees you want them to be happy. Why not get started today? And if you’re in search of new workers to round out your staff, contact Inter-Connect to learn more.  


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